Discover the role of psychoenergetics in health and disease, and how you can address the different psychoenergetic factors to take your healing to new levels that you may have not even thought you could achieve!

ADDRESSING PSYCHOENERGETIC ROOT CAUSES OF CHRONIC ILLNESS PROGRAM is an incredibly comprehensive 12-module online program that guides you step-by-step as you work through all the key aspects of your psychoenergetic healing.

With this in-depth practical approach you will build neurological, emotional and energetic resilience that will transform your mental and physical health!


  • Anyone who wants to learn about psychoenergetic aspects of healing
  • Anyone who is feeling emotionally challenged, or who has a history of trauma
  • Anyone with chronic health complaints who has tried many different approaches and still isn’t where they want to be


Lifetime access to 60 video lessons

(twelve modules, five 45-60 min lessons in each module)

All lessons as downloadable audio files

(mp3 format)

Transcripts of all the lessons

(pdf format)

New meditation with each module

(combining hypnotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, sound healing, brain entrainment frequencies)

Additional resources with each module

(e.g. handouts, summaries, questionnaires, additional videos, ebooks/eguides)

Live Q&A sessions

(six in total)

Unlimited email access to myself


Program Forum

(where you can ask questions and interact with others)



The Inner Workings of the Mind

LESSON 1: Triangle of Healing & the True Root Cause of Ill Health

LESSON 2: How We Create Our Physical Reality

LESSON 3: The Subconscious Mind Rules Your Life

LESSON 4: The Belief Effect

LESSON 5: Creating Your Reality with Affirmations


Self-awareness as the Main Key to Your Success

LESSON 1: Emotional Toxicity Unpacked

LESSON 2: Understanding Secondary Gain

LESSON 3: What Is Your Attachment Style?

LESSON 4: Exploring the Enneagram

LESSON 5: Self-discovery with Transactional Analysis


Building Neurological Resilience

LESSON 1: Different Types of Resilience & Resilience Traits

LESSON 2: The Vagus Nerve & Nervous System Balance

LESSON 3: How the Vagus Nerve Affects Immunity

LESSON 4: Strategies That Increase Vagal Tone

LESSON 5: How to Measure Vagal Tone & Day-to-day Stress Management


Connecting the Mind & the Body

LESSON 1: Practical Exercises to Start Experiencing Your Body

LESSON 2: Recognizing & Feeling Contrasting Sensations

LESSON 3: Connecting Through Jin Shin Jyutsu & PNF Stretching

LESSON 4: Deepening the Connection Through More Advanced Breathing Techniques

LESSON 5: Balancing Your Brain Hemispheres


Understanding & Mastering Emotions

LESSON 1: The Main Categories of Emotions

LESSON 2: Understanding Complex Emotions

LESSON 3: Using Transpirational Havening to Discharge Emotional Energy

LESSON 4: Connecting to Your Core Emotions

LESSON 5: Identifying & Addressing Emotional Triggers


Healing Emotional Trauma

LESSON 1: Coding & Impact of Trauma, Healing Modalities & Post-traumatic Growth

LESSON 2: Types of Trauma

LESSON 3: Using Event Havening to Address Traumatic Events

LESSON 4: Identifying Problematic Memories

Lesson 5: Creating Alternative Memories


Attachment Trauma & Inner Child Work

LESSON1: Reclaiming Your Wounded Infant Child

LESSON 2: Reclaiming Your Wounded Toddler Child

LESSON 3: Reclaiming Your Wounded Pre-school Child

LESSON 4: Reclaiming Your School-age & Your Adolescent Self

LESSON 5: Forgiving Yourself & Others


Values, Beliefs & Optimizing Your Programs

LESSON 1: Prioritizing Values & Recognizing Value Conflicts

LESSON 2: The Power of Language

LESSON 3: Identifying & Categorizing Limiting Beliefs

LESSON 4: The Belief Change Process

LESSON 5: Other Strategies to Transform Your Beliefs


Setting Healthy Boundaries & Building Great Relationships

LESSON 1: Identifying Toxic Relationships

LESSON 2: Strategies for Setting Healthy Boundaries

LESSON 3: The Importance of Effective Communication & Rapport

LESSON 4: Applying Transactional Analysis to Relationships

LESSON 5: Using Enneagram in Relationships & Understanding Social Connection


Addressing Energetic Aspects of Healing

LESSON 1: Understanding Our Energetic Anatomy

LESSON 2: Assessing & Balancing the Core 7 Chakras

LESSON 3: Energetic Sensitivity & Setting Energetic Boundaries

LESSON 4: Healing Ancestral Trauma

LESSON 5: Karmic Relationships & Karmic Contracts


Biofield Optimization Strategies

LESSON 1: Frequencies of Emotions & Energetic Meaning of Symptoms

LESSON 2: How to Deal with Ascension Symptoms, Geopathic Stress & EMFs

LESSON 3: Using Bach Flower Remedies to Balance Emotional States

LESSON 4: Optimizing Energy Flow In Your Spaces

LESSON 5: Other Tools to Support Your Energetic Health


Defining Your Life Meaning & Shaping a Wonderful Future

LESSON 1: Defining Life Meaning & Purpose

LESSON 2: Activating Higher Chakras to Help Clarify Life Purpose

LESSON 3: Shaping Reality According to Spiritual Laws

LESSON 4: Additional Tools for Creating the Future You Want

LESSON 5: Summary & Re-assessment


“This course is very thorough! I have loved the way it has worked in a methodical and logical way to first give us the tools needed to work with our deeper challenges, then take us step by step through those challenges, and finally start to create a more conscious, healthy and happy future.”


“I had never imagined I would be able to work though my emotional blocks like I have. This has been an incredible journey. I have learnt so much and I am so much more relaxed about the future because I have the tools now to handle life when stuff happens.”


“Within a few weeks of doing this program, my gut is feeling better and my sleep has also improved. This is such a big deal for me. I have struggled with my health for so many years and now I really get this concept that where you mind goes, your body follows. Thank you for this opportunity.”


“I have gained so many tools to help with overcoming emotional toxicity, really - much more than I had expected. I feel all these tools to be so much more useful than traditional therapy, which is a route I've taken in the past, and which I think most people take because they aren't aware of these effective, alternative techniques.”


“I loved the fact that I was able to tackle some of those deep-seated issues I’d been brushing under the carpet for years. The guidance and support is brilliant because it gives you that safety net but essentially I am the one doing the work and that is so incredibly empowering!”


“The biggest thing for me was to identify and deal with the root causes of my chronic anxiety. This has transformed my life. I had managed my anxiety with different techniques over the years but not getting triggered in the first place in the way that I used to is a revelation to me. I didn’t think that was possible.”


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About Dr Eva

Dr Eva Detko, PhD, is a natural healthcare practitioner, author, and speaker. She has studied natural medicine and the human mind for 23 years. Dr Eva successfully recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and reversed Hashimoto's thyroiditis. She now helps others recover their health. Dr Eva has an extensive knowledge and experience in the field of human physiology, biochemistry, nutritional sciences, and bioenergetics. She also uses a wide range of mind-transforming modalities, including: Havening Techniques®, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®, NLP, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Transactional Analysis, and applied psychoneuroimmunology.

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