About Me Dr. Eva

Have studied natural medicine and the human mind for 23 years. I have my own health story, which contributed to me wanting to take control of my health. Now I help others do the same!

The Sovereign Health Method

The Sovereign Health Method guides you
step-by-step through all the key aspects of psychoenergetic healing to help you take your health to new levels that you may have not even thought you could achieve.

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Bioenergetic Health Screening

Want answers about your state of health? With this approach you can uncover and address true root causes of your health complaints.

Psychoenergetics of Chronic Illness Program

12-module program designed especially to address psychoenergetic root causes of chronic illness.

Mind Transformation Sessions

For those who want to work through mind-related issues (e.g. fears, phobias, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, self-worth, etc.).


New online program coming soon!

Free Emotional Toxicity Questionnaire

EVERYBODY experiencing chronic health issues will have a degree of emotional toxicity. This is due to the very close relationship that exists between the nervous, the endocrine, and the immune system. Find out where you are on the emotional toxicity spectrum.

Find out why high vagal tone is critical to your mental and physical health, and how to keep your autonomic nervous system correctly balanced

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