It is a well-established scientific fact that our bodies cannot heal when our sympathetic nervous system, or the fight-or-flight response, is activated. Healing is only possible when the rest-digest-detoxify-heal part of our nervous system is turned on, and for that part of our nervous system to do its job well the vagus nerve needs to be strong and activate readily. Unfortunately, in our modern world most people spend the majority of their days overwhelming their nervous system, which over time leads to poor vagus nerve function, and therefore increased inflammation, and eventually biochemical breakdown of the body.

Find out how to effectively utilize the mind-body connection to help you heal from autoimmunity! Enjoy 40 sessions and discover different ways of addressing emotional trauma, developing a deeper connection with yourself and others, dealing with stress, and improving your brain function.

* This information is completely different from what was presented during the Global PsychoHealthology Summit.

Find out from 60+ experts how to identify and deal with root causes of autoimmunity, and how to regenerate your organs and rebalance your immune system so you can live a happy healthy life you deserve!

The first online event dedicated entirely to helping people with autoimmunity develop a nurturing mindset, deal with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and resolve emotional trauma! 30+ experts generously sharing their phenomenal expertise.